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Top Current TV Shows For Active & Outdoorsy Kids

There are days when all active and outdoorsy kids love being outdoors to enjoy their favourite sports and activities, and there are days when it’s too cold/rainy/hot to step outside. For such days, we have our favourite TV shows.

"The series includes short interviews with coaches and family members of these elite sports stars sharing an insight into their life stories."

We share below the top current TV shows which any active kid would love to watch across a range of live TV and streaming platforms available to us.

Greatness Code (Apple TV+)

Sports documentary on a few memorable moments in the lives of some of the greatest athletes in the world from a variety of sports. Including sprinter Usain Bolt, women’s soccer star Alex Morgan and surfer Kelley Slater the highlight of this series are the fantastic animation and special effects used to bring alive the match or race event shared by the athlete as their favourite one.

Becoming (Disney+)  

Chronicles the stories of some of the top sports stars, dancers and actors of how they started on their journey and achieved success in their areas. It includes some of the famous basketball players such as Anthony Davis and Candance Parker as well as American footballer Rob Gronkowski. The series includes short interviews with coaches and family members of these elite sports stars sharing an insight into their life stories.

Mustangs FC (BBC)

A feel good program follows a group of friends and football fans who decide to start the first all-female team for their local football club, the Mustangs FC. Based in Australia, the girls’ football team members try their best to succeed against all odds and build long lasting friendships.

World’s Toughest Race (Amazon Prime)

The perfect series for any adventure kids, the World’s Toughest Race is hosted by Bear Grylls, one of the most famous modern adventurers in his own right. World’s Toughest Race is a 300-mile endurance trek, and we get to see competitors from all over the world compete on foot, by kayak, horse, and mountain bike, and any other means possible.

Basketball Or Nothing (Netflix)

This is a really cool docuseries which follows the Chinle High basketball team (an Arizona Navajo Nation team) on their quest to win the state championship. The series shows how the junior players learn about managing challenges, staying calm under pressure and building a team spirit as part of their training for the high school basketball team. 

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