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Bella & Vicci: Falling head-over-heels for tennis

Although Bella is a little shy (I think we all find Zoom calls a little nerve-wracking!) when you start talking about tennis, it’s immediately clear just how much she loves it. Even if she isn’t fully aware of just how good she is, her enthusiasm for the sport is infectious.

Lucia & Sarah: Oxford United, keepy uppies, and Bob the deer

At just 10 years old, Lucia is on the brink of an exciting football career. As one of our young brand ambassadors and an aspiring to-be reporter, Lucia has her sights firmly set on ongoing sporting success. And so far, she hasn’t put a foot (or ball) wrong.

Love Of The Game with Olivia Bruce

Olivia Bruce started playing football when she was 5 years old and now coaches young girls at Develop Her Game, a specialist football coaching enterprise. She speaks with Alex Waite about how she enjoys both playing and coaching the game to the next generation of players.

Millie: Car Park Rides to European Races

Despite competing in national and international competitions across Europe in recent years, Millie Couzens was a latecomer to competitive cycling. But her cycling career has gradually progressed in recent years and she is now part of Team GB and elite Belgian Cyclocross team, IKO-Crelan. Millie talks to Alex Waite how she slowly engaged with the sport, why she loves the social aspect of cycling and two professional cyclists that she aspires to be like in the future.

Was the 2021 Australian Open a Success?

In 2020 and 2021, watching live sport behind closed doors has become a familiar sight.

The 2021 Australia Open was mostly different, however. Fans were allowed at some of the tournament throughout February, but changes to local restrictions meant fans could not cheer on the players for the entire event. As one of the first events to welcome fans (partly) back to watch top-level sport, was the Australian Open a success in February?

The Rise of The WSL

In recent years, women’s professional football has become more popular across the world. For this month’s Footwork in Focus, we take a look at what the WSL is and how it has grown to be one of the best women’s football leagues in the world.

Football Inspiration with Lauren Robson

Lauren’s coaching journey began in unplanned circumstances. She had originally trained to be a football referee but, at the age of 16, she was asked, out of the blue, to coach the Blyth Town FC under 11 girls – who were in need of a coach. Lauren talks to Footwork Magazine about her coaching journey, why she enjoys coaching, how young girls can get involved in the game and the future of the WSL and Lionesses.

How Elite Sport Stars Support Their Sport

Lots of non-professional players in sport often have to pay for their own travel, food, accommodation etc, which makes it difficult to pursue the sport they love.For February’s Footwork in Focus, we take a look at whether the largest earners in different sports could support the lower level players.

Taking the Knee

It has become commonplace in certain sports for all players, officials and coaching staff to take the knee before play begins. Professional sports stars have started to take the knee widely since June 2020. Why do players take the knee before the game?

Full court game with Mike Kwentoh

Mike Kwentoh is a former junior international basketball player, who is now an established coach in West London. Kwentoh is also the founder of Chiswick Gators – a successful community basketball club that involves many school children from the local community. Kwentoh speaks with Alex Waite about how he started the Chiswick Gators, shared tips on how players can succeed in the game and he provides an inspirational story about how one of the smallest players he ever coached became a regional team hero!

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