1 to 1 Football Games to Play with a Friend

The winter months can be tough for so many football players in the U.K. Whether it’s the pouring rain flooding local pitches or games cancelled because of freezing conditions, the elements often cause problems for young players across the country. 

But fear not! If you are unable to play football this season, or if you have spare time to practice your football skills, there are many activities you can try with a friend or family member in the garden or at your local park. All you need is a ball, your football boots and another person then you’re good to go!

Closest to the target

Establish a target between the two players (it could range from a large bucket to a tree to a backpack.) Players can pick a distance where each player tries and pass the ball and stop it as close to the target as possible. The winner gets one point, five points etc. Each time, players could move further back from the target to make it more challenging, or a certain amount of rounds could take place at a distance (e.g. three attempts from two metres, five tries from three metres etc.) The winner is the player with the most points. 

Keepy Ups

Players stand a yard or two apart (closer is more easy) and try to keep the ball in the air for as long as possible using feet, knees, chest, head or any body part! If this is difficult, then introduce a one-bounce rule where players can allow the ball to bounce once, then return to the other player. Make it into a game by keeping count and setting yourself a target, begin with 5, then 10, then 20. See if you can reach 100!

Trap, Control, Pass

Players stand a metre apart to begin. One person then throws the ball in the air and the second player has to control the ball with one touch and then pass back. To extend, create a further distance. Can players control with their chest, thigh, inside or outside of the foot and then return the ball to the other player? Speed up the drill with multiple balls to keep the player moving. 

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