Skateboard Tricks To Try At Home

Before you learn ‘Frontside 180’, we would recommend that you learn basic skateboard tricks


The ‘Ollie’ is one of the fundamental, basic skateboard tricks that you should learn first. So, what does this trick involve? 

To successfully perform the ‘Ollie’, you and the board will leap into the air without using your hands. This basic skateboard trick is needed to leap onto, off of, or over obstacles, so it is certainly worth getting to grips with as soon as possible. 

As this will be the first skill you will try as a new skateboarder, you should expect this to take considerable practice to learn. So, don’t worry if it takes you some time to master it! But, once you know how to perform the ‘Ollie’, you can then begin to tackle new and more impressive skateboard tricks as you improve your ability. 

Frontside 180 

Before you learn ‘Frontside 180’, we would recommend that you learn basic skateboard tricks, such as the ‘Ollie’, ‘Shuvit’ and ‘Pop Shuvit’ first. This will help you to get to grips with ‘Frontside 180’ quicker. 

For this trick, you will start with your feet in a similar position to how you would start the ‘Ollie’. However, for the movement, you will need to move your shoulders for the 180 turn. This skill is another foundational skill, which can be learned once you have mastered the ‘Ollie’. 


This is one of the most popular basic skateboard tricks, not only does it look cool, but once you have learned it, it will make other tricks a bit easier to get to grips with. 

The kickflip styles can be different depending on who is doing them, but the basic movements will always be included in all of them. Once again, having the basic ‘Ollie’ skill under your belt will really help you when learning this new trick. 

So, how do you perform this trick? 

To successfully powerslide, you need to build up speed beforehand

‘Casper’ has many variations, including the Casper Stall and the Casper Slide! 

Firstly, get the right foot position; place your front foot just behind the bolts on your board, pointing to the front at a 45-degree angle. Aim to keep your shoulders in line with the board and perch the ball of your back foot on the tail of your board. 

You then need to perform the ‘Ollie’, which is why it’s so important to master it when you first start skateboarding tricks. From here, you will then need to use your front foot to flick the board and then catch the skateboard with your back foot, followed by your front. As you land make sure that you bend your knees. 

This trick takes a lot of practice, so don’t let yourself get frustrated and just keep trying it until you get it right! 


If you want to create some speed to perform a big trick, then this is one of the basic skateboard tricks that you should definitely learn at home! To successfully powerslide, you need to build up speed beforehand. Therefore, before you take to this new skill, make sure that you are comfortable riding your skateboard around first. 

How is a powerslide performed? 

This skill is executed when you skate along quickly, spin your board to the side and skid to a stop. Powersliding is very similar to how you stop on a snowboard, but if you get this trick wrong on a skateboard, then you won’t be met with soft snow if you fall! 

Casper Flip 

If you want to push yourself beyond basic skateboard tricks, try the ‘Casper Flip’. This skateboarding skill looks really good and not that many people have heard of it. 

However, if you want to land this trick successfully, then it’s important that you focus on the positioning of your feet and your speed. To achieve this trick you need to combine a half-kickflip with a quick back foot scoop on the underside of the tail. This will then bring the skateboard around 180 degrees, right side up and back under your feet. 

Fun fact; did you know that the ‘Casper’ actually has many variations, including the Casper Stall and the Casper Slide! 

Hopefully, these basic skateboard tricks will give you some new skills to learn at home, before you show everyone your new tricks at the skatepark! Remember to stay safe!

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