1 To 1 Parent-Child Practice Drills For Rugby

Hip Pass 

First on our list of rugby practice drills is hip pass! All you need to take part in pass and catch skills at home is a rugby ball and a wall. One of the techniques you can use to practice your pass and catch skills is the Hip Pass. Start with the rugby ball next to your right hip and throw the ball at the wall as though you were passing the ball to another player. Once you have practiced this technique a number of times, you can get a parent or sibling to play with you, so instead of throwing the ball at the wall, you can practice passing the ball to them. 

Take your time and focus on accuracy, technique, as well as catching the ball correctly too. This can be played in the garden, on decking or even at the park. 

The Reverse Catch 

For this exercise, once again you can by using a wall and then work with a parent or sibling to perfect your skills. 

Stand facing the wall and throw the ball towards the wall as though it was a player on the pitch. As soon as you have thrown the ball, watch the ball as you turn around to catch it behind your back. Make sure you keep an eye on the ball for precision and accuracy when catching it. 

These rugby practice drills can either be done alone or with a parent or even a sibling to help improve skill when you get back on the pitch!

Corner Pass 

This exercise is good to start on your own and then as you improve, you will need two other people to play with. Alternatively, if you only have one other person to practice with then you can use the wall as the other player. 

Stand between two walls or a wall and a fence that replicates where the players would stand for a corner pass. You will then need to throw the ball onto one wall and as soon as it bounces back to you, throw it at the other wall. Continue to do this without any pauses to improve your speed and accuracy. Ensure that you keep your eye on the ball at all times. 

If this exercise begins to get easier, you can step away and make the gap a little bigger, as well as add people into the practice instead of walls. 

Perfect Punting 

For this exercise you will need to have space, so either do this in your garden, an open field or park. This drill will help you to develop your natural kicking ability, so that it becomes more accurate when under pressure in a match. 

Firstly, ensure that your hips and shoulders are pointing straight down your ‘pitch’ and hold the ball in the middle of your body. The follow-through should be towards the target. Place cones every 5m back from a set of goalposts. 

You will also need to have a kicker start at the nearest cone, so you can kick at the post. You will need to concentrate on the foot as you make your kick to the target. Once you have hit the post, then you should move back to the next cone and keep repeating this until you have mastered the exercise! 

These rugby practice drills can either be done alone or with a parent or even a sibling to help improve skill when you get back on the pitch! Remember practice makes perfect! 

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