5 Fun Football Tricks

When you’re not playing in a game for whatever reason, you can still spend that time learning some new tricks which will not only improve your skills, balance and coordination but will also definitely impress your mates! Take a look at the 5 simple tricks we’ve put together, and use your time on the sidelines at the match, or some time at home perfecting these fun moves.

1.    A Little Keepy-uppy

With one foot turned up at an angle and your heel on the ground place the ball on top of the foot so it’s resting against the lower shin. Get the feel of how the ball balances on your foot then transfer it from one foot to the other. Start slow then increase your speed.

2.    Play Catch

Follow on by flicking the ball up from the top of your foot and catch it between your knees. Flip it a little higher, bend forward pulling your arms up parallel with the shoulders to make a bridge and catch it at the back of your neck. With one movement flick the ball even higher onto the head – you’ll need to tilt your head back slightly and keep the knees bent to keep the ball balanced perfectly on your forehead.

3.     The Twist Kick

With the ball on the ground and your feet touching either side of the ball, roll the ball up with your right foot to just about mid-calf level on the inside of your left leg. Then deftly flick it away behind you using your right foot. At the same time slightly twist the body so that the ball comes round to the front and you can kick it away. This one takes a bit of practice but once you’ve mastered it you’ll look so good!

4.    The Leg Rotate Twist Kick

This one is a bit trickier but worth learning. Do a few gentle flicks of the ball in front of you – don’t kick it away – then when you’re ready lift one leg, rotating the hip inwards like you’re just stepping over something and with the inside ankle of the other leg kick the ball away. Got it? This one’s especially good for building up coordination and flexibility.

Try this – lift up one knee, drop the ball and circle that knee over the ball as it falls and use that same foot to kick the ball.

5.     The Defender Beater!

Learn to control the ball using a trick called the V pull-back. Imagine a defender coming towards you for the ball. Place a foot on top of the ball to pull it back away from the defender so you can control the direction of the ball, sending it where you want it to go. Pull it back in one direction and kick it away on the diagonal – hence the ‘V’ shape.

All of these tricks only require you and the ball to practice, so there’s no reason to wait until someone else is free to play- enjoy!

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